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 Rental Magica

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PostSubject: Rental Magica   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:03 am

Rental Magica ( レンタルマギカ )

Rental Magica (レンタルマギカ ,Rentaru Magika?) is a Japanese light novel series by Makoto Sanda,
with illustrations by pako. It is currently in the midst of serialization in The Sneaker magazine published
by Kadokawa Shoten. An anime television series adaptation animated by Zexcs was broadcasted in Japan
between October 7, 2007 and March 23, 2008, airing a total of twenty-four episodes.


The plot centers around the magician dispatch service and Mage's Society: Astral. The main protagonist of the
story is Astral's second President: Itsuki Iba, who, while being young and inexperienced ironically isn't even a Mage.
Central to the story are Astral's many adventures with magical spirits and creatures, competing with rival company
Goetia, rogue members, taboos and the Dark Magician's Society: Ophion, all while trying to complete enough jobs to
pay the bills and fill The Association's quota and evade abolition. Each story arc is written as an incident in which the
Astral members and their associates are involved.

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Rental Magica
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