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 tears to tiara

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PostSubject: tears to tiara   Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:22 am


A Demon King named Arawn was sealed away for 1,000 years and when a girl named Riannon releases him, they travel together and become emotionally attached to him.

The Gael tribe was forced to migrate from Erin Island into Albion Island under the leadership of Arawn. While on Erin Island, the Holy Empire led by Gaius begins their conquest. The Castle of Avalon was re-opened to host the new migrates. 2 House Elves, Limwris and Ermin have managed the castle, which originally belonged to Arawn about a thousand years ago.

Soon, the Holy Empire starts its expansion into Albion Island and Avalon Castle is in their path of conquest.

Real history

The storyline is similarly based in the Dark Age of Britannia when the Holy Empire, begins it's expansion North-West.

The Romans setup the city of Londinium as a trade center and capital in Britannia that host the empire's expansion up against the Gaels and the Britons in the north, which later the Celts and the Scots joined in the struggle against the Roman empire.

In real history, the Roman Empire is also facing a new change internally - Christianity, a faith which the emperor turned towards. The dramatic change had thrown the empire into a chaos separating people between believers and pagans.
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tears to tiara
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