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 kanon wakashima

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PostSubject: kanon wakashima   Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:14 am

Amount island flower sound

It is) 20 year old cellos [vuokarisuto] whether (the reason stripe of

Including the cello from 3 years old, it forms the string music
ensemble & the group and the cello duo in junior high school age,
starting music activity. In 15 years old in the old easy concert it
participates with the baroque cello, to presently large number
experiences the recital and the joint concert. Including music creation
from around end of junior high school age, with cultural festival 1
year of high schools it stands in stage as [vuokarisuto] for the first
time. High school age you belong to the pop section. During high school
attending, in order that possibility of self expression with music is
sought, you apply to the audition of the SONY music sponsorship, are
chosen in beautiful [huainarisuto] and make a contract with
[dehusutarekozu]. With May 28th single “still doll” you debut.

- Constellation… Cancer
- Type of blood… A type
- Performance musical instrument… cello
- The cello is begun time of the opportunity ・・・3 year which begins music by the recommendation of the parents
- Being born, the tune which it performed for the first time… [kirakira] star strange playing tune
- 1 tunes of memory… [haidonchiero] concerto
- Favorite cellist… [jiyakurinu] [deyu] pre-
- Favorite musician… [emiri] Simon, [ririi] [shiyushiyu], Mayumi Kojima
- Favorite composer… Claud [dobiyutsushi] and Eric [satei]
- Favorite artist… [aruhuonsu] [miyushiya]
- Favorite color… all red
- Favorite the writer… the Nagano [ma] [yu] to see, the valley mountain Hiroshi child
- Hobby specialty… draw the picture
- The Debut Story of Kanon Wakeshima × Mana -

Singing and repelling the cello, it is lovely thing and the picture
which gather the thing draw. Then, in the cute clothes, also the candy
is loved. Those where it is here are the girl of such 19 years old. As
for her name, whether amount island flower sound (the reason stripe it

Because “the parents were very music lover, before being born from,
music to flower sound you intend to be able to let do it is like. With
that, the cannon = flower sound [tsu] [te] which also name is
associated with music you acquired”

She that with growth kept being devoted to the world of music more
deeply there was also the recommendation of the parents such as that,
began the cello from 3 years old. When it enters into adolescence, as
had interest even in the popular music other than the classic. Those
where she encounters then, are to sing song. About without, she
produces to tackle also writing the lyric composition, furthermore
“while repelling the cello, sings,” that you say, inventing original
individual style it reaches the point of.

This each time having strong interest and, vis-a-vis the rare
existence, such an amount island flower sound, is what and “that” Mana.
MALICE MIZER which was called the ultimate art group not only had led,
presently with [goshitsukurotsukupurojiekuto] Moi dix Mois, not only
Japan Europe as the leader he who in the head receives hot support even
in the foreign country, you stated that for the first time produce of
the woman artist is managed.

While “repelling the cello, looking at that form which you have
sung, intuitively know “this…!”[tsu] [te] thinking better seed. Because
I am very favorite the classic as music, singing, there is no just
[ru], repelled the cello and the [ru] [tsu] [te] in the place where you
say, it felt new future, it is”

In the first place, the person, this Mana is the person who had the
aesthetic eye which is refined along with music talent, there is a
background that recently it exceeds the limits of music activity,
directs also dress brand Moi-même-moitié. It was Mana where the fact
that it presented to world as the concept of the fashion which is
called [gosurori] with the generally known world, “gothic &
[rorita]” in word, it materialized converted promptly and showed is not
other things. After that, this [gosurori] [muvumento], now is worldwide
common language, coupled with the music style, “VISUAL-KEI”, until you
say, it has not permeated widely as a subculture of the Japanese
departure. Simultaneously, which Mana which is authority in absolute
charisma apparent can call that it is done, the fact which does not
shake with each direction.

Such a, genius Mana the possibility of feeling vis-a-vis amount
island flower sound. That was something which it diverges truly not
being limited to just taking the style, thing and the only unequaled
cello + song which have the sense of absolute pitch where she is
cultivated with meritocracy from infancy, it seems.

“There was a thing which comes with the pin in addition to the thing
regarding music. First, even the favorite the thing which draws the
picture the point which is said. Me the picture puts out the favorite
enormously, having showing those which are really drawn, this is fairly
well good. After, you thought that also her character is funny. Still,
the teenager comparatively, settling strangely, while the [ru] densely
is, when you look at ring what which it has done, the cookie, the
decoration of the candy has been attached the [ri] does there, it is,
don't you think? (laughing). The adult [bi] it is in contrast to
atmosphere, still the girl it seems, there being also a part which is
made to feel, the place where it has the both. “Her it seems” you could
make feel here, that is,”

In this way, Mana felt, vis-a-vis amount island flower sound
foreboding which becomes unknown, some images. That eventually kept
being connected to the existence of the latest debut single 'still
doll'. Furthermore, this tune as a TX TV animation '[vuanpaia]
horseman' ending theme from April 7th, is in the extolment on air.

Investigation of fantastic waltz. The melody of the elegant cello
(of course, amount island flower sound itself has repelled). The nuance
of [erekutoronika] [niyuuevu] which is interwoven also in classical
atmosphere, exquisitely. Singing of the amount island flower sound
which this at all echoes on the mysterious acoustic image, while upper
quality the tenderness like the chiffon cake and, including the kind of
sweetness which will be been in a trance, probably is certainly to
spread elegantly even in your ear origin.

“From the Mana way when receiving tune, having heard, it seems that
is perplexed even in the castle and is packed…Such feeling did”

In this 'still doll', she whom also writing the lyric you take
charge like this expresses concerning this tune. From it pulls sound
and raises, somewhere the language where the part and the psychological
description which make story characteristic feel were complicated in a
complicated way may say that it has become the completion where
delicate sensitivity of amount island flower sound is reflected.

“She me writes the language of the type which is different, don't
you think?. The coupling the “black bird cage”, in addition the
conspirators becoming the language of the atmosphere which is different
it reaches and, adjusting to that has done the method of starting where
also singing is different completely, it is. Girl characteristic and
the adult [bi] it is the part. You can feel her personality which has
the both, from this debut single don't you think? probably will be”

Coming May 28th. The bud of the name, amount island flower sound
which in Mayflower season, Mana is discovered just has been about
probably to blossom. The flower which blooms how being cute, they are
beautiful ones then? The way, we want trying verifying regardless in
your yourself feeling.
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kanon wakashima
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